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Why the energies of Osiris, Ra, and Thoth?

Special thanks to E.P.I.C. Magazine

People may wonder why it is that the energies of Osiris, Ra, and Thoth are the ones channeled here. I am reassured that the names themselves do not matter. They simply serve as helpful ‘handles’ that allow the ego something familiar to ‘grab onto’ on this plane, where limited spiritual perception via the human experience is common.

At the same time, there IS a story here. I (Tim, speaking from the ego’s perspective) received an Angel Board reading from my sisters Laurie Gambacorta and Lisa Byrne in 2014. Below is the guidance I received, which, with my permission, was published in the November/December 2014 issue of E.P.I.C. Magazine. (www.epicmag.org)

This reading has led to the publishing of There Is No ‘Other’: Ego vs Heart… The Channeled Wisdom of Osiris, Ra, and Thoth. The book was written, or channeled, rather, through a very simple process. The concept, from the beginning, was to sit down and write at least two pages a day, every single day, rain or shine, until the goal of 300 pages was reached. At that point, the second phase, the curating process, would be performed. Initially there was no plan beyond this. No outline was drafted and followed. No vision or dream of what the book might contain. Simply sitting down at the computer keyboard and moving fingers across the keys until two pages were filled.

The first 100 pages or so were basically me complaining about whatever… my past, my present, the weather. But somewhere around page 100 in my process, a different “voice” began to come through. I would sit with my eyes closed, typing the words, phrases, and sentences that “appeared” before my mind’s eye… that almost seemed to materialize out of thin air, as if whispered into my ear. I soon had 300 pages of material, two months ahead of schedule. The goal I had set for myself in December of 2014 was ‘to write a book’… and to have 300 pages of *something* written by May 31, 2015. On May 30, 2015, the completed book was published by booklocker.com and available for purchase.

And it all started with an Angel Board reading. (Or so it would appear to the ego.)

Regardless of the ego’s judgments about the validity of extrarational phenomena, the wisdom provided through this session is solid. I am humbled and filled with gratitude to be able to share it here.


Special thanks to E.P.I.C. Magazine


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Record Store Day 2015: Random Records, Durango, CO

record store day 2015 1

I love vinyl LP’s. I got rid of all my records after high school, not appreciating them like I do now… and jumped on the ‘cd’ bandwagon in the late 80’s / early 90’s. I regret that move.

Fortunately, there are awesome record stores like Random Records, in Durango, CO, to help me rebuild my collection.

Owner Kristian Luce is super knowledgeable, super fair, and super friendly. Just a cool guy to hang out with. Record Store Day 2015 was a huge success at Random Records. Just being there on Saturday morning made my whole weekend awesome!

I love this store!

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Kirtan with Blue Lotus Feet

May 10, 2014


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Blue Lotus Feet kirtan

Blue Lotus Feet celebrate Kirtan in Durango, Colorado. (L to R: Lisa Byrne; Laurie Gambacorta; Cheryl Birchard; Bob Spencer; Charlie Kiene; Tim Birchard.) Photo by Amanda Foley.

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Single speed conversion

When I was a kid, I’d just jump on my bike and start peddling. I journeyed all over town… out through country roads… exploring everywhere I could. The world was my playground and my bike was my rocket ship. Get on. Peddle like hell. Try not to crash.

Then, when I was 13, I got a 21-speed. Sparkling and gleaming there on the showroom floor, I just KNEW that a multi-speed bike would make my life complete.

The beauty of simplicity.

Eventually a birthday rolled around and I received the 21-speed as a gift. And life became a lot more complex and difficult. Which speed am I in? Which speed SHOULD I be in? Why does my chain keep falling off? How do I get it back on? How do I get it to STAY on? Suddenly, all of my focus was being diverted to getting the bike to function properly and away from simply enjoying the ride.

But looking around, I saw all the cool guys and gals having a fine time on their multi-speed bikes. I figured something was wrong with me. So I just put my head down and tried to tough it out. “It’s just part of the deal,” I told myself.

This went on for decades.

Finally, last week, while riding my bike to work, the gears changed unexpectedly on me while I was cranking down hard. For the umpteenth time. And I decided right there and then it would be the last time. Old, crappy gears needed to be replaced, and I wasn’t looking forward to spending a lot of money to get them installed and maintain them. I didn’t want to become a bike mechanic. I just wanted to ride my bike!

I decided to tear them off and go for the single speed experience.

Make sure you choose a conversion kit that INCLUDES the chain tensioner. The kit I chose did NOT. I ended up spending about $80 as a result. As of press time, you should be able to get a decent conversion kit for about half that. And in case you don’t have your own personal architect/bike fiend to help you out, here’s an excellent source of instruction: http://helen-smeaton.suite101.com/how-to-build-a-single-speed-mountain-bike-a96518

After an afternoon of learning while a friend wrenched away on my bike, I hopped on and discovered something amazing: I was having fun again! No worries about switching gears. No strange noises signalling impending doom. Basically, almost nothing to go wrong at all! Just riding my bike!

I feel like I’m 7 years old again, and riding bikes is a total blast.

Get on. Peddle like hell. Try not to crash.

Special thanks to my buddy Justin Repath, respected architect and bike fiend, who performed open heart surgery on my mountain bike to convert it to a single speed this weekend. The conversion consisted of removing the gearing that came stock on my Trek 3900 and replacing it with single chain rings both front and rear (32:16 ratio). He also added a tensioner, which works much better than simply using the old derailer. Total time was about three hours of working at a leisurely pace, including a quick trip downtown for parts. (Note: See the two missing 5mm chainring bolts on the front chain ring? This photo was taken before we ran down to a local bike shop to get replacements. The originals, designed for multiple chain rings, were now too long for a single ring.)


May 7, 2012 · 12:35 pm

Kirtan: A path to the heart

The eternal flame of Spirit dances within every one of us. But sometimes we forget. The demands and stresses that come with living in the 21st century can keep us distracted from our true home, the inner temple of our own hearts.

Kirtan, which is call-and-response chanting or “responsory” performed in India’s devotional traditions, can be a way to remember our ever-present connection with Spirit, the I AM energy, God, the Life Force, a Higher Power, or whatever we want to call it. The language we use to express love does not matter; whether we sing and chant devotional phrases in Sanskrit (the primary liturgical language of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism), Spanish, English, or any language, our voices create physical vibrations that carry the intention of our hearts. Regardless of our language, religion, political position, ethnicity, or station in life, these vibrations act like a pebble dropped into a pond, sending forth ripples of compassion and love that spread ever outward.

Some of us may feel uncomfortable walking into a church, chanting, or praying, as a result of feeling judged in the past. Practicing kirtan with people who create a supportive, safe, and accepting environment can be one way among many to become reacquainted with our inner love and continue the process of healing the perceived wounds that prevent us from practicing forgiveness, compassion, and dana, or generosity in our own lives. The more we can suspend our own judgment of ourselves and others (which is a practice of the intellect, and never of the Heart), the more we can see ourselves, others, and the world through our hearts, an act of which the intellect, or small mind, is incapable.

More than a muscle

Why all this talk of ‘the heart’? The intellect, which resides in the domain of the small mind, would have us believe that the heart is nothing more than a muscle in our chest that pumps blood. But being heart-centered is much more than simply a metaphor for kindness.

When we see ourselves and the world primarily through the lens of our intellect, we witness illusion rather than the reality of love. This illusion is fear based, and would have us each believe that Life (which is energy) can be threatened. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj put it plainly when he said, “The real does not die, the unreal never lived.”

Any sort of attachment (attraction or aversion) is the result of misperception, and is based upon memory (a characteristic of the intellect). Desire is simply the memory of pleasure. Fear is simply the memory of pain. These are the two sides of the ‘coin’ of attachment.

Shifting our focus and attention back to the heart allows us to turn away from our intellect (a servant of the heart), to turn away from fear and scarcity-consciousness, returning to our natural state of unconditional love, which is our birthright. Residing in our natural state of unconditional love, we effortlessly find ourselves surrounded by abundance and filled with joy. The world becomes, in the words of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, an “unceasing banquet of delight.”

Note that this does not affect my abilities to use my intellect for its intended purpose of serving. I am still perfectly able to call upon my analytical abilities as I need them, relaxing and resting in tranquility when I do not. No need to let my intellect torment me day and night with fears, worries, and strategies for vanquishing my (perceived) foes. Like a lawnmower, I can start it up when I need it and put it in the garage when I’m done. The intellect is invaluable tool, and makes a fantastic servant. But a lousy master.

Getting back in touch

While we could fill a library with the multitude of pathways for becoming more heart-centered, two techniques in particular are my favorites, due to their simplicity.

Hand on heart

The first is to simply place my hand on my heart when I’m talking with someone. (Yes, it’s that simple.) On a subconscious level, this shifts attention and awareness to my heart, and affects my perception accordingly. On a conscious level, the more I can actually feel the warmth of my own hand on my chest as I listen to what the other person is saying, the more I’m reminded to bring forth my heart-awareness into the conversation. If I find I’m becoming angry or judgmental, I can press my hand into my chest or gently tap my chest with my finger to help shift my focus downward, out of my head and into my heart.

What I like about this technique is that I can practice it without anyone knowing what I’m doing. During kirtan, of course, this is not a concern for me; it usually feels safe to assume that most of us in the room singing, chanting, and dancing are interested in becoming reacquainted with our heart-centered Higher Self. But when I’m standing in line at the coffee shop, still half-asleep and feeling a little grouchy, it may not feel as easy to be so open.

The great part is that, in times like this, I don’t have to tell anyone why my hand is on my heart; no need to go into all that with the guy behind the coffee counter. And yet we’re both still getting the benefit of this practice. (It’s almost like I get to be an undercover spy for a moment; they think I’m just putting my hand on my chest, when actually, I’m reawakening love and compassion.)

Alternately, I can wear a necklace with a pendant that hangs down and rests against the heart area of my chest. This is a great adaptation for those of us who may have physical difficulty raising an arm to place a hand on the heart. During kirtan, I can place my hand on my heart as I chant, sing, weep, or dance. In doing this, I complete a sacred circle of love and energy in one of the most simple and powerful ways known to humanity through the ages.

Eyes closed

A second method I use for shifting my atttention away from my judgmental intellect and back to my heart is to close my eyes when circumstances are safe for doing so. (Yes, it’s that simple.) This technique is especially effective for me when I’m performing music during kirtan. I commonly find that when my eyes are open in that setting, I can become easily distracted by the beauty of the participants, who are often smiling and appear to be glowing with joy. (“Oh my God, she’s so hot!”) Closing my eyes while I play bass, for example, helps me to maintain focus on my own heart, and on my intention to be of service.

Kirtan is one path that can take us back home to that ever-present connection within ourselves; the connection with our own peace, joy, and compassion. And as we shift our perception back to seeing with our hearts, we realize we never actually left. In truth, we were home the whole time.

Tim Birchard, M.Ed. is a recording musician, Reiki master-teacher in the Usui tradition, and adult educator. He is a founding member of Blue Lotus Feet, an improvisational kirtan group based in Durango, Colorado dedicated to raising spiritual awareness and nurturing inner connection in the Four Corners region and around the world. For more information, contact Tim at timbirchard@gmail.com or visit www.bluelotusfeet.com .


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Best source for oak firewood delivery

Professional. Efficient. Great communication. Reasonable and fair pricing. Top quality oak.

I purchased a cord last week. I was incredibly impressed by Mr. Sanchez’ professionalism. I will definitely order from him again.


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