All songs copyright 2009-2010 Tim and Chris Birchard.

(Click on song title to listen.)

  1. Trip to pine
  2. Quiet Love
  3. Pelacone
  4. Sun Glass
  5. My Telescope
  6. Seeing Ghosts
  7. This is not a Song
  8. The House Down
  9. Letters from J
  10. The Zero
  11. Starless Sky

12 responses to “mp3’s

  1. cmb

    We’d like to hear “The house down”, mostly!

  2. GhostDog

    These words and this music, paint a picture.
    The colors and sounds wrap around me like a familiar old blanket from childhood. It leaves me wanting more, like nicotine, a subtle sense of craving.

  3. GhostDog

    The House Down–I like this. It’s kinda genre bending for you (which is not a bad thing), but still sounds like your music. I like the slide part(s). Good to hear you really belting it out. I like the break part, it sounds disjointed, like skeletons dancing and beating their bones together. Very Cool. If you listen to any new “Texas” music, it waxes of this sound.

  4. Thanks, GhostDog! We appreciate your listening, and look forward to jamming with you in the near future!

  5. I like your boice & shing song.

  6. Aunt Laurie

    Hey, Tim!
    Just downloaded Brush Strokes“. EXCELLENT!

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  8. Nice work on the recordings! What does your setup look like? I have several original songs up as well. Cheers!

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