Call It Blue

Armed with dream guitar and amplifier, his objective for the month of July, 2010 was clear: to immerse himself in the creative process, keeping both heart and mind open to whatever might emerge.


For three weeks straight, he chased this dream furiously and passionately, locking himself in his studio and working from early in the morning late into the night, pausing only for basic necessities like coffee, food, and sleep.
After that final mixdown on Day 23, he collapsed with a smile. He hopes it makes you smile, too.

Track Listing:

1. Like I Could Ride Forever

2. I Don’t Want To Miss The Setting Sun

3. Scissors

4. Circling Overhead

5. Runway

6. Spark In Your Heart

7. The Deepest Compassion

8. What A Lovely Sweater

9. Eulogy

10. Next Big Thing

11. Open Hand

12. Running Away With You

13. Fools Like Me


released 24 July 2010
All noises by Tim.

Available for digital download at


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