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Infinite Source of Love

Do you find yourself entering into intimate relationships looking for a surrogate mother or father? Do you feel as though your partner plays the role of your child, while you play the role of parent? Do you feel resentment toward your partner for holding power over you, or for not carrying her/his share of the weight and responsibility?

Do these questions make you feel uncomfortable?

Relationships are ideal ways to learn and grow, for your partner acts as a powerful mirror, reflecting a magnified image of your internal world. Struggling with a partner is simply a reflection of struggling within one’s own self… the struggles of the ego. Struggles for power, love, respect.

The mistaken perception at work here is that power, love, and respect are somehow ‘out there’ and must be obtained, captured, and chained up in order to keep them around. The truth is that all the power, love, and respect you could ever want already reside within your heart. All you need do is inquire within.

When you are completely comfortable being alone with yourself, you will find you no longer want anything from others. When you tap into the infinite source of love, located in the heart, you will discover that you no longer experience the urge to throw yourself into the middle of chaos… flashing lights, loud noises, etc. The “fun” you once craved will seem to satisfy less and less.

Go within. For true love, seek intimacy with your own heart. That is the Infinite Source of Love that you’ve been overlooking all along. You’ll find there is no need to look further. You’ve been carrying it around with you the whole time.

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Setting Intention

The actual guitar that has come into my life: 1996 PRS CU24

“What you believe is who you become.” “Set the intention, and the universe will make it so.” “Do what makes your heart sing.”

I used to think it was all a bunch of hooey.

But what happens when you do it for long enough, and it comes true, piece by piece?

As I sit here drinking coffee on a gorgeous Sunday morning, sun shining on the snow-covered mountains, listening to a cd of songs that I’ve written and recorded over the past 8 years, my life having turned around and bounded head-on into a life of prosperity in so many ways, how can I possibly ignore or doubt the power of setting intention for one more day?

My relationships with other people… I finally (finally!) have started to learn that the most important relationship is that with myself. The closer I become to me, the more my connections with others thrive.

The guitar I set intention for: 1996 PRS CU24

My relationship with money… I’m finally starting to learn that, as Dave Ramsey says, money makes a fantastic servant and a lousy master. For most of my adult life, I’ve lived a life of deprivation consciousness. By turning it around, living in gratitude, and by starting to act like an adult instead of a child (demanding instant gratification at every turn) I’m starting to see how good it feels to live in peace.

And, of course, dear friends and loved ones have been teaching me along the way that it is, in fact, temporary. All of it. If I can see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, touch it, or think it, then it’s transient. Hollow. Temporary. That brings some relief, too.

The great thing is that there’s no shortage of homework in my life. I’m still selfish, short-tempered, egotistical, short-sighted, self-righteous, condescending, vengeful, impulsive… the list goes on. (Thank goodness for a sense of humor.)

Now I see that I can set intention in every part of my life. Each item on the Vision Board that hangs in our house gets checked off the list, month by month.

A good friend with whom I’ve recently reconnected put it best: whatever we think about opens an energetic connection that links us to it. So the people, places, things and activities I want to bring into my life are what I should hold in my mind’s eye. Everything else gets blessed and released.

Like Byron Katie says: I hope you get exactly what it is that you want in your life.



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