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There Is No “Other”

Angel Board reading: July 6, 2014

Blessings, Brother. We come as the trio of Osiris, Ra, and Thoth.

There is no more playing small, Brother. Your brothers and sisters require your assistance. How shall we serve you, that you may then serve them?

There is no ‘other’ to vilify any longer; it is gone from your perception as we speak.

angelboard image

(Participant: In past angel board readings, I have undergone energetic work such as ‘quickenings’. I am ready for whatever transformation is next.)

And so we have responded to your invitation. We only lend the spark, Brother; know that we exist already as energies within you. There is true power in you already, Brother; we step forward to set it free.

There is an ownership issue that haunts you as part of this life’s history, as well as stories from other dimensional realities. True spiritual power is the ability to lead not through coercion, but by example. It is time. And any remnants of false humility no longer serve neither yourself nor those awaiting your arrival on the Inner Throne.

Do not block us, Brother. Feel us as we enter through the spot at the back of your neck. Use this infusion to integrate all of the energies we and other masters have provided in the last two years.

(Participant: How can I best be of service?)

How to serve, you ask. To thine own self be true. You may wish to pretend you know not of what we speak, but we all are aware that you are beyond that. Leaders move consciousness by example. There is no agenda other than service to the One. Yes, there may still exist doubt created by the ego, and yet we say the illusion of “other” is dissolved. Where does the leader in you wish to go?

There is a need to teach by example the art of balancing feminine energy, and to dispel the many myths your brothers and sisters hold regarding such balance.

(Participant: What is the next right thing for me to do?)

Go left. Just kidding. Ha ha ha ha.

Hmmm… How about taking an inventory of your gifts, including writing and speaking? It is only the ego that would have you believe this is too big. But you did not come to this incarnation to be a follower, Brother. How big is too big?

Your soul light is brighter than you could possibly imagine. Hide from it no longer. We shall counsel you. In fact, you may be our channel through which we address the imbalances of your dimension. When one asks ‘what is next,’ our inevitable answer is: Listen and Follow. Listen and Follow.

That is the mark of a spiritual leader.

(Participant: At this time, no one from my family of origin is speaking to me. This troubles me.)

Worry not, Brother. Your journey needs no approval from a family that has done its part to bring forth what they merely appear to lack. Your new mantra is there is no ‘other’. Sometimes it is families of origin that have the most seemingly difficult tasks and from where we are, we can confidently say they have served you well, and as spiritual family they have crafted their actions from love, regardless of appearances in your dimension, where spiritual sight is limited.

(Participant: Should I try to talk to them, or just leave them alone?)

You will discern when they may be receptive. For now, we say concentrate on those willing to hear spiritual truth. And Brother, we say your strength is to lead by example. Now we shall temper that with a warning, for we know your ego well: This does not mean that you procrastinate because the ego demands perfection before taking a single step. Do you hear us, Brother? You are needed now, and with our counsel you are ready to lead.

(Participant: Recently I participated in a reiki share, and the phrase “supreme confidence, supreme humility” came to mind.)

You hear us, then.

(Participant: Yes! I hear you. Do I need to sit in meditation to receive your counsel?)

Remember, we are part of you. You may actively travel to us and with us in all dimensions. Let go of outworn concepts of meditation. It is more than what you have perceived up until this point. Practice lucid meditation now, Brother. Simply allow. It is natural for you to be multidimensional; there is no secret formula. Only your own mastery, which has never been adversely affected on the inner planes by your current dimensional experiences.



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Regarding today’s outdoor gig: An open letter to the Universe

Dear Universe,

Thank you for today’s gig. Playing my bass and singing at an outdoor venue with my dear friends today offered lots of opportunities for growth for me. Here are some of your lessons that I recognize, just off the top of my head (I know this list is not exhaustive, by any means):

1) There will be windy days. Sometimes, when I’m stepping out and doing something new, something I believe in, something that requires working together as part of a team, it may be windy. The wind may start blowing wildly, out of nowhere. At it may blow so hard that I have to close my eyes and just hold on and do my best in the moment. I don’t get to be in charge of the wind. I’m only in charge of my response to the wind. Conditions are such: windy.

Photo by Jeremy Booth.

2) Sometimes I may not be able to hear myself. No monitor speakers means that I may not get immediate feedback about what I’m playing. What I’m singing. It may be difficult for me to tell just exactly what message is being perceived, regardless of what I feel like I’m sending. I may just have to focus on my heart and set my intention to be a channel for love; an amplifier for love.
3) Sometimes I may not be able to hear my band mates. No monitor speakers plus high winds may mean that I can’t always hear what my family, friends, and loved ones are saying, or playing. I may need to pause before responding to what I think I hear. I may need to give it just a moment and remain receptive to further incoming information. Drawing my attention down from my head and into my heart can help to reestablish my heart connection with them. My heart can hear better than my ears.

Photo by Jeremy Booth.

4) Sometimes I may not be able to tell what the audience is hearing. While I may desire complete control over the overall levels and mix of the music, the overall wind speed and direction; the overall temperature; the overall rate of the flow of time, actually there’s only a certain amount that I’m in charge of. I can work to establish and maintain open lines of communication with those who can offer feedback; I can ask questions. “Welcome, folks! Say, I need your help. Please tell me, can you hear us okay?” I can ask questions, welcome feedback, and make adjustments accordingly. Beyond that, I can turn the volume up on my heart.
5) Sometimes I may not be able to tell what the audience is feeling. They may be physically distant in such a way that I can’t see their faces or read their body language. I may need to return my focus back to my heart, again and again. “Was that a smile, or a grimace?”, I may wonder. In this instance, once again, loving detachment is my best course of action. While I may wish to affect people by causing them to smile, laugh, and feel happy, I need to be careful not to use these responses to gauge my success. The wind may be blowing for them, too. They may be thinking about other things. Or they may be experiencing a sense of inner peace and calm. They may feel happy; they may feel sad. They may feel indifferent. My best plan of action: return my focus to my heart. Play my bass. Step up to the microphone. Open up my heart and let the love flow through.

The whirlpools of Naruto.

And as I’m loading out and walking to my car, it’s entirely possible that I may hear someone call my name. I may look to see someone smiling and saying ‘thank you’. It may be someone I don’t recognize. Perhaps even someone I’ve never met. In this moment, I’m reminded that I often do not know the impact of my actions. By centering my attention in my heart and opening my channels as wide as I can, I increase the chances of vibrating as a broadcast antenna for love. In the face of many apparent roadblocks and hurdles, I make the active choice to pluck these bass strings with love in my heart, and a small pebble hits the surface of the atmosphere. The ripples spread outward. I refuse to become discouraged. Someone says ‘thank you’.
Today, in the face of these perceived challenges, I am blessed once again.
Thanks for the lessons, Universe.
Love, Tim


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