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An Open Letter to my Inner Critic

My Dear Inner Critic,

I notice that many of your questions about my lyrics tend to center around a lack of concreteness.

“Why would you say this? This doesn’t make any SENSE to me.”

I’d like to lovingly invite you to take off your ‘logic glasses’ for just a moment.

Let those crazy lyrics just wash over you, if you like. Are there any stream-of-consciousness connections that become apparent?

I understand that the answer for you may very well be, “no”. And I respect that.

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Just please know that I chose those words, as I do with all of my lyrics, very, very carefully. And I do have reasons for them.

But in the end, as you so beautifully highlight through the very act of questioning, every listener will respond to the song from a unique perspective. No one else in the world sees the world exactly the way That Listener does; no one else on this planet has Her exact combination of experiences and perceptions. What She takes away from the music, if anything, will be unique to Her.

And that’s beyond my control.

Why do I write and record original music at all?
I’m realizing that my old intentions of “having millions of fans” or “changing lives” have wilted. Any sort of ‘success’ like that is completely dependent upon the Reactions Of The Listener. If The Listener buys a copy, then I’m a ‘success’. And if no Listeners buy a copy, then I’m ‘not a success’.

That would be easy if there was a sure-fire recipe for success. “Do ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’, and you’re guaranteed success.”

But there isn’t.

Plenty of unimaginitive songs and albums are selling off the shelves these days. While plenty of good songs and albums with their fair share of merit go unnoticed.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that those goals are no longer true for me. Especially considering the transitory nature of existence.

My new goal… with all of my songs…  is to be as true to MYSELF as I can; to be as HONEST as I can. And boy, am I ever realizing the inherent challenge in THAT.

So here’s to a new day filled to my continued commitment to honesty with my self and others in the ever-changing present moment.

Whether it’s comfortable or not.


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