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Another new album: dots and dashes

If Santana went to a jazz barbecue, bumped into the guys from Fates Warning, and they all jumped up on the flatbed with the house string quartet to have a jam session, this is what it might sound like.

Listen for free: www.timbirchard.bandcamp.com.


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Fun with chainsaws

Every time I’ve driven by this place, I’ve wanted to stop.

I’m glad I finally did.

To keep the musical creative juices flowing, it’s important to check out other artistic media. The farther away from one’s preferred medium of artistic expression, the better.

I drove past. Stopped. Made a U-turn on the country highway. Headed back to this place, not knowing if I’d get to talk with anybody. Drove in very slowly. Parked. Got out of my car very slowly. Approached the house empty-handed. And very slowly. (It would be a pity to accidentally freak someone out on their own property and get myself shot.)

Knocked on the door and stepped back off the porch.

A grizzly guy, older than me, came out while chatting on the phone. I waved to him and he smiled back. Things were looking good.

After initial introductions, I asked if I could take a few photos. He ended up giving me a 45-minute tour of his hundreds (literally!) of pieces of art displayed in multiple storage buildings and workshops on his property. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

He was my kind of guy. I recommend you give him a call and make an appointment to go see his work. It’s refreshing to see such fantastic attention to detail from such an unassuming person.

Dave, I’m wishing you the best!

How about you, Gentle Artist? When’s the last time you checked into something out-of-your-ordinary?

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Welcome to Trip to Pine

Welcome to Trip to Pine, the blog for Tim and Chris Birchard’s latest album. We invite you to check out our tunes, leave us feedback and let us know what you think. We hope to release this album in the summer of 2010, but here’s a sneak preview for your consideration.

Questions, comments, complaints, please e-mail timbirchard@gmail.com.


T & C

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