I am unhappy and disillusioned by some of these spiritual teachers, even been tricked by some of these “empowerment teachers.” Awareness helps but I feel frustrated because they all say, “practice presence, be the awareness.” I have been doing that but it still feels like a struggle. Why? You seem to speak beyond that; but you are hard to understand.

There are a couple different avenues one may take when they discover awareness. One may become a teacher at helping others get to that space of awareness. The sole purport being rest, relax into your awareness and stop seeking, you already are what you seek, accept all feelings, you’re perfect, be the container not the contained, etc. An important part of the path but not the Final Truth. That is as far as the teacher can take the student because that is as far as they have gone themselves. Why? They are just grateful they do not feel as bad as they used to and that is enough. I can never be a Maharshi, a Jesus, or a Buddha they tell themselves.

A good life one can lead, but duality has not been transcended as there is still separation between awareness and the object of awareness; the observer and the observed…

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