Question: Why am I still not free? I know myself as awareness; yet I still bounce back and forth into these problems! Why?

The truth is you are still seeking freedom, enlightenment, whatever you would like to call it; as an experience in the body and mind. The very nature of body and mind is that they are breaking down; and that is a problem because there is no Absolute to be found there. Yet that is where your identity is established, although more subtle now.

Your secret desire is to be able to experience the Absolute without having to completely give up the me.

Freedom is not dependent on mind/body conditions. Therefore, real freedom can only be experienced when the seeker finally realizes who they are in spite of form. Then whatever happens in form is not your business. This type of freedom requires a fundamental transformation or death mind/body identification.

Your desire for Absolute freedom has gotten you this far, now it is time to decide whether you stop here or…

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