Rain and the Divine Feminine

When is the last time you strolled in the rain, just for the sake of strolling in the rain?

When is the last time you opened your arms wide, threw your head back, face to the sky, and just invited the rain to drench you, inside and out?

Rain is a manifestation of feminine energy. Nurturing. Healing. And yet you hide from it. Scurry for your umbrella. Dodge from taxicab into nearest building to avoid getting wet. Yet “wet” is the source of life.

You are invited to go out into the rain as soon as possible. Walk. Slowly. Allow yourself to get wet. To get drenched. If so inclined, go on a hike. Near a lake, river, stream, or ocean. In the rain. Let it come down to you. Invite it in.

For just a little while, surrender the ego’s need to stay dry. To stay in control. To keep life compartmentalized. For just a little while, let it all be what it is. Recognize that in reality, it’s all running together on the plate. That’s the beauty.

To balance the feminine energies with the masculine, it is helpful to think of recesses. Space. Where can you create and honor more space in your life? More space for compassion for yourself? More space for forgiveness of yourself? More literal space to sit quietly and listen to the breath of the Divine, which breathes through you? More space for loving and honoring the True Self? (Which is never affected, hindered, nor set back by the happenings of your daily life on this plane.)

The energies of the Divine Feminine reside within you. Always. They have always, always, always been there. All you have to do is go within. Call upon them. (It can sound as simple as this: “I call upon the energies of the Divine Feminine that exist within me always.”) There lies forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, understanding, strength, hope, and wisdom. There is where the rain falls on the child’s smiling, upturned face.

You are the child. You are the rain. You are the Divine.


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