Intellect vs Divine Mind

Angel Board reading: April 10, 2012

Welcome, Brother. What a joyous day, indeed! We come together, I, Dwjal Khul of the Second Ray (ascended master) and Zadkiel (arch angel), bringing the lightening of the flame of transmutation.

We wish to address and propel you past the perceived importance of intellect. We are of the Wisdom Flame. Shall we remark upon the difference between intellect and wisdom, Dear One?

Feel your way into our presence as we take the energy of Zadkiel’s quickening to transform certain habitual thought processes.

Wisdom is the use of what you know works spiritually. And how do you know when something works spritually? Well, surely not through the judgments of the small mind.

You know something works spiritually when you cross the threshold of the heart.

Now let us remind you that the response that says, “I know this information” is the response of the intellect, which is the domain of the small mind. The Divine Mind and therefore true wisdom is accessed through the heart.

Do you see where we lead you, then?

Are you ready? We have come to help you prepare. You have multiple lifestreams of perfecting the Second Ray energies, but the small mind has become the unnatural leader. You have taught billions of souls of the Illumination of the One Presence and how simply it is accessed through one’s own being.

This lifestream also beckons you to teach of the Illumination, but the valuing of intellect has placed an unnecessary limitation upon this great capacity to share and lead by being a living example of the illumination.

It is only ever the interference of the small mind that prevents you from practicing that which works spiritually. If the gateway to the Divine Mind is open, the small mind holds no power; it cannot simultaneously exist.

Do you see there is the basis of the One True Reality, the place of no separation?


When you see with the intellect, which is the domain of the small mind, or ego, then you only witness illusion. The small mind can never comprehend that which is the domain of the heart.

We have only come to prepare you through reminding the illumination is a gift you know and practice already.

The familiarity of energy practice is rooted in your eastern philosophies; are clues to practicing what works spiritually. You have numerous choices. If you would pick but one and practice with a tenacity that matches your intellect, you will soon be immersed in the heart space. Your intellect tries to convince you (it) is so elusive.

Which thread shall we follow then, Dear Brother?

(feeling guilt/shame; want to move forward; what process do you recommend?)

The frequencies of what you call guilt and shame are easily transmuted if you allow the door of your inner temple to open.

Now, the small mind would have you believe the Temple Door is guarded with all manners of beasts and ogres. We say that all that is needed is for you to say with the language of the heart, “Open, says Me!”

The “Me” in this case is not the “me” of ego, but the “I Am” presence; that which has never been, nor can be, diminished by the frequencies of guilt or shame.

We have mentioned you have many practices to choose from, all of which can allow you to access The Temple. What feels familiar, Dear Brother? That familiarity comes from the many life streams of already perfecting that which seems to be hiding itself in this lifestream.

But we say it is not hiding; only awaiting your remembrance.

(Am I responsible for my mother, and my mother’s pain?)

We shall entertain this question even though you know the answer. There is no sovereign being that is responsible for the lifestream or choices made within individual lifestreams of another. Clear?

(How am I doing?)

Did we not say it is a joyful day, indeed? We have responded to your prayers as we always have and always will.

But know this: we are not separate from you; we reside in the temple of the All That Is. All is unfolding as it should. Beware the small mind’s proclamations that the sky is falling. Ha ha ha.

It is done.

Prepare to teach that which is in your Holy Temple. Blessings, Beautiful Brother.


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