My journey on the path of martial arts

My journey on the path of martial arts started when I was six years old. I took judo classes from Sensei Maley once a week. After achieving mastery and advancing to yellow belt, I pretty much knew I was ready to take on the world. I remember at the end of one class when Sensei said, “Next time, I’m gonna make you sweat so much, it’s gonna look like you just got out of the shower!” I never went back. I think at that point I realized that I was above and beyond what he had to teach me.karate lp 3

My next formal training, some ten years later, was in Shorin Ryu, where I studied intently in Giddings, Texas for a few weeks. The lessons I took away sharpened my instincts and set the stage for my next level of practice…

Aikido. About 20 years later, I underwent brutal and intense training in Austin, Texas. The four months of suffering and sacrifice was worth it, though. I got a girlfriend and realized that I pretty much had learned all that my senseis had to teach me. It’s crazy how much I know!

Now, almost 40 years after my journey began, I’ve come full circle, and I’m studying karate and kung-fu. Before you say to yourself, “That sounds cool! I think I’ll do it, too!”, be warned: this training is NOT for the faint of heart. When I decided that I was REALLY dedicated, I went out and got myself a copy of “Dynamic Kung Fu and Karate” (Copyright 1974, Demaru, Inc.). karate lp 4This LP is worth its weight in gold! Even though my Sensei on the album gives clear instructions, I find that the black and white photos in the accompanying instructional booklet give me the edge I need to win.karate lp 2karate LP 1

Sometimes I’ll put this record on and listen to it while I’m washing dishes, or dusting, and I know that my training is taking me even further along the path! Occasionally, my Sensei will speak with a directness that borders on harshness; I’m learning that this helps me to develop exactly the kind of toughness I need to survive in the dojo, and on the streets. Plus, I know that I’m getting the depth and breadth of training that I truly need; my Sensei requires me to feel like I’ve fully mastered each technique before advancing to the next one. After just a few days, I feel like I really, truly understand every technique on Side One! I can’t wait to receive my black belt in the mail!


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  1. TexasJ

    Next you need to go out in the streets and test your skills! The kitchen is where you gain knowledge and perfect your techniques. The street is where you force your will upon the weak and unsuspecting.

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