I’m starting a rumor about you…

…I’m telling everyone I meet on the street about you. I’m telling them that you are a being of love and light. I’m telling everyone I see that you are already good enough, just as you are. Today. This minute. Right now.

I’m spreading the word that you don’t have to look for love: you ARE love. I’m whispering to my co-workers that you don’t have to search for light: you ARE light.

I’m starting a rumor that you are enough, in this very moment. That you’re lovable. That you’re worthy. That all the wisdom, generosity, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, hope, and courage of the universe are already inside of the Inner Temple of your Heart.

I’m starting this rumor about you in the hopes that it will spread. To the corners of the earth. Until word gets back to you.

And you realize that the rumor is true.



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4 responses to “I’m starting a rumor about you…

  1. Liv

    I LOVE this. Thank you for writing it!

  2. I hear you have been talking about me behind my back!

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