Eagle Pass to Torreon

Today Durango, Colorado enjoyed bright sunshine and glorious weather. I know, because I saw it outside my window as I worked away at writing and recording song #5 for the new album.

Now it’s very dark outside. And I’ve just finished final mixdown. (Well, TODAY’s final mixdown, anyway) and upload to bandcamp.com. Like swimming underwater all day, I’m energized, refreshed, and completely drained, all at the same time. Time to stumble away toward the living room, stoke the fire in the wood stove, and enjoy a glass of wine and a movie with my loving and understanding partner, who understands my insane need to write and record original music at all costs. Thank you, Cheryl.

The new song is called, “Eagle Pass to Torreon”.

You can listen for free here: http://www.timbirchard.bandcamp.com (click “refer to manual”).

Words courtesy Chris Birchard. An amazing writer and storyteller. Thank you, dear brother.




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