2012 — A Year of New Music!

The wrecking crew is right outside the window every day. In each moment. Sooner or later, it’s all coming down.

That’s why 2012 is The Year Of New Music. Currently I’m talking with a good friend about working together on a few different projects this year…

1) Putting out a Kirtan cd full of songs that Cheryl and I have already written;

2) Creating the next Tim Birchard cd to follow up on the success of A Place Of My Own;

3) Releasing Cheryl’s next hymns cd, for which there have been multiple requests.

In addition, I’m looking at the possibility of playing out more often this year… joining accomplished jazz musicians on stage in front of live human beings. We’ll see how that goes.

After last month’s house fire (electrical fire in the attic due to faulty wiring), it’s taken some time to get the house back in ‘livable’ shape. We’re approaching that point now.

By the way — if you’re reading this and you’re a renter like I am, please hear this: Get Renter’s Insurance. We have $100,000 worth of coverage. Only costs us $199/year. That’s about 50 cents per day. SO worth it!! Ours is through State Farm. But lots of companies offer it.

Go get some. Call now. Go ahead. It’s okay. I’ll wait.



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2 responses to “2012 — A Year of New Music!

  1. be careful performing in front of humans. that can be a dangerous business. you could die (that was sarcasm). seriously only dangerous to your ego.
    good luck in the new year.

  2. I hear you loud and clear, Texas J. The ego likes to keep things safe… only engage in what will prop it up and make it look three dimensional. Getting up in front of live human beings with a guitar strapped to my body is one excellent way to escort the ego to the firing squad. Sounds like exactly what I need in 2012!

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