Listener review: A Place of My Own

“A place of My Own takes me to a lonely, desert highway. We’re almost home, whether that’s good or bad, and a storm is building on the horizon. We are wearing comfortable, worn, blue jeans and everything is in slow motion. Telephone poles, jackrabbits, tumbleweeds, lightning. The landscape allows for our thoughts to drift back to a different place and time… Should we stop for gas? Naw, we can make it. Or maybe we don’t want to make it back to wherever it is we call home. A song comes on the radio….a confident yet soothing voice is singing “I’m fallin’ in love again.” We glance at each other and maybe we really are falling in love again. The guitar strings are playing a beautiful lullaby as we drive into the storm. We’re going to paint this drive blue.”

Katie K., Colorado, US

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Filed under Writing & recording original music

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