Prunes for LP’s; a pretty cool swap

Hey Electric J,
Got a little story for you. (Don’t worry… has a happy ending. A happy ending called “the blues”.)

So I’m in the record store, with 2 albums under my arm… some weird live AC/DC double album I’ve never seen before (new), and Gogol Bordello (with “Start Wearing Purple” on it).

My buddy Justin** busts into the store and says, “Tim, you gotta come across the street RIGHT NOW!”

I’m all like, “wha??”

And he’s all, “My friend Joe* has a box of LP’s he’s giving away for FREE!”

We run across main street without getting hit.

I meet Joe. Going through a divorce. In his 60’s. Sad, lonely, maybe a little needy. And standing next to a box of LP’s.

“You selling these?” I ask. “Take a look and see what you like, and you can have it,” he replies.

Smelly. They got all wet in his basement. Sigh.

He ends up giving me the whole freaking box.

“Can I buy you lunch?”
“Maybe next time… I just ate,” he says.

So I put the stinky, moldy LP’s in my car.

Eating lunch with Justin, Raequel**, and Abby**. Fish and chips at the Irish Embassy. Delicious.

Then, suddenly, Justin’s phone rings. It’s Joe. Wants to talk to ME.

“What’s up?”

Tells me what I can do to pay him for the LP’s… pick him up TWO BAGS OF DRIED PRUNES!

I do.

Take the albums home. Spend a couple hours cleaning them, throwing away the nasty sleeves, wiping everything down with Lysol.

And now, my friend, the whole reason I’m writing this… I’m just chilling with Freddie King‘s 1971 release, “Getting Ready“.

Not to mention The Blasters, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dire Straits, George Thorogood, Dr. John, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, the soundtrack to Easy Rider… It’s a gold mine.

This is some good stuff. But you already knew it…

Brother T and the Blues Explosion

*Not his real name

**Actual names of actual humans

What about you, Gentle Reader? What’s the strangest (and coolest) trade you’ve made recently?


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