Angry Subaru Man VS Road Bike Guy

Wow. So I’m riding my bicycle on E. 3rd Avenue (near E. 31st Street) at about 5pm on Tuesday, April 12. I see a fellow cyclist riding toward me on a road bike, in full gear.

A guy in a Subaru passes him, then slams on his brakes and comes to a stop right there, in the middle of the street. His tires even kind of squealed a little. Like in the movies.

The door flies open. The driver jumps out, runs up to Road Bike Guy and begins screaming. Cursing. Getting right in his face. Yelling obscenities that you can’t print here. For about five minutes. Seriously ranting about how the cyclist had cut the guy off. I’m pretty sure I saw spit flying.

I was so shocked I simply stopped my bike, got off, and just stood there watching. I wanted to make sure Angry Subaru Guy knew there were witnesses.

Road Bike Guy, to his credit, kept his cool.

After about three minutes of yelling, cursing, and claiming ‘champion cyclist’ status (“I’m a cyclist, too!”), Angry Subaru Man turned and started to get back in his car.

Road Bike Guy asked, in a respectful tone, if Angry Subaru Man had seen the stop sign. Angry Subaru Man gets BACK out of his car, goes BACK up to Road Bike Guy, and starts yelling again.

Meanwhile, no fewer than 7 cars are stopped in traffic. I counted.

Road Bike Guy, thanks for keeping your cool.

Angry Subaru Man, if you really ARE a cyclist, couldn’t you think of a better way to address the issue with Road Bike Guy? Do you think that R.B.G. somehow agrees with you now?

Were you worked up about something else? Lose your job? Going through a divorce? Times truly are tough right now. We’re all hurting, in one way or another. We live in community. We’ve got to cut each other some slack from time to time.

I’m pretty sure that any children who were in the 7 vehicles you stopped were watching you, learning one (less than ideal) way to deal with conflict. You were teaching by example, intentionally or not.

Thanks for the reminder that I’m teaching by example, as well. Next time I’m in my car and frustrated with a cyclist, or on my bike and frustrated with the driver of a vehicle, I’ll think of you.

Tim Birchard,



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2 responses to “Angry Subaru Man VS Road Bike Guy

  1. Texas J

    Angry Subaru Guy is lucky my wife Denise was not on the bike. He would have learned an entirely different lesson and so would you. We never really know who we are confronting when we make a “donkey”(I’m keeping it clean for the kiddies) of ourselves or pick someone out of the crowd to teach a lesson. Imagine how different the world would be if we all had the awareness that everybody else in the world had the instant ability to equalize the playing field in a real, physical sense. Just something to think about.

  2. Texas J

    I’m not through yet….. Besides, isn’t this why bullying is such a problem in our schools and in our society? We are all just supposed to stand around and let some idiot fly off the handle because he’s having a bad day, or his big brother gave him too many wedgies? What happens when he escalates his agressiveness as he keeps getting away with his bad behavior? Then we want to take everyone’s freedoms away because we’re no longer safe riding our bikes. What if all those people who he was affecting got out of their cars and started throwing rocks or garbage at ASG? What lesson would HE have learned that day? Maybe that he better find a more constructive way to vent his anger? That people in his community are not going to put up with that crap? Then he would just crawl off and die under a rock and not spread his DNA into the gene pool so we have to deal with his angry offspring. Why do we HAVE to be nice or respectful of the idiots in this world? Why can’t we give them negative conditioning for their behavior? Because it is offensive to someone? He, obviously, doesn’t care about offending you, or anyone else. It won’t continue or intensify the Anger if we give it right back, it is only when we take the poison that it effects us. If you spit it right back out, or if you refuse to put the spoon in your mouth, it won’t hurt you.

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