Operation: Beehive hairdo

I feel like a film noir private detective with a juicy, new case.

It’s 3:52 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I’ve got music in my head.

I’ve just been given a new assignment. A musical assignment; my favorite kind. My new task: to write a song showcasing a friend’s professional talents. It’s for a contest. The prize is a bunch of money for publicity and marketing for his company.

I’m so psyched. We had our first brainstorm session last night, and we made great progress. This assignment has all the hallmarks of my favorite projects: a) a clearly-defined goal; b) the genre has been identified; c) some basic content for me to work with.

That’s it. Those three things. And I’m in heaven.

I can’t reveal too much about this project, but what I can say is that the contest happens in March or April, so I’ve got some time, which is great. And the drums, keyboard and guitar sounds are already dancing around in my head. The best part is, we don’t even have to WIN for me to be a winner. I’m already having a blast. And just getting some exposure, getting my songwriting ‘out there’ is huge for me.

My biggest challenges here are going to be (in no particular order): a) keeping the chord progression simple; b) making the melody accessible and memorable (catchy with a strong hook); c) creating a final mixdown with clear vocals that are intelligible; d) achieving just the right guitar sound.

I’m hearing B-52’s first two albums; crappy guitar through crappy, overdriven amp. Cheesy space sounds from the Korg. Male/female vocal harmonies. I’m getting a vision of a weekend full of music. No sleep. A smile on my face.

How about you, Gentle Rock Star? What sorts of “assignments” do you get (or assign yourself) that really make you feel inspired? What key elements need to be in place for you to roll forward? What are you doing about it?



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4 responses to “Operation: Beehive hairdo

  1. Texas J

    You should have “Plan B From Outer Space” playing on the video screen in the studio while you write. (or some other campy “b” monster movie..”Attack of the 50ft Woman”, “Them”) Best crappy guitar sound through crappy amp, hottest guitar chick…. The Cramps, rockabilly, zombie, rock. Have fun!
    As for me…. I don’t do projects. I’m an idea man. (lazy)

  2. Texas J

    Sorry that’s “Plan 9 from Outer Space”

  3. raequel

    I had no idea this project hit the creative criteria jackpot. Awake at 3am?? Happy projecting .

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