Eight is enough?

I ask you, Gentle Reader. Because I’m not sure, at this point, whether this album is finished, or not.

The running time is just a little over 31 minutes. My general idea of a full-length album (strictly speaking in terms of running time) is at least 10-12 songs… generally 40 minutes of music or more.

But these 8 songs just sit so well with each other… it almost feels like it’s done.

And I do understand the difference between quality and quantity. In fact, only recently I cut out two of the ten songs that had made up this album so far, because I felt like they broke the ‘flow’ of the album.

I should be patient, I know. It’s only February, and I’ve been planning to release this album in the summer anyways. What’s the hurry, right?

My fear is always, ‘but what if I get hit by a garbage truck tomorrow morning, before getting this album out?’

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What makes a strong album, to you? Would you rather listen to something that is too short, or too long?

Maybe the question is, “these days, what constitutes an ‘album’?”

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