Listening to my inner Steve Vai

If I’m pushing too hard, my body will let me know about it.

In fact, it is. Right now.

It’s always telling me what I need to know. “You’re on the right track.” “You need to exercise.” “Eat less of this.” “Time to rest.”

Just a matter of my willingness to listen. And proceed accordingly. (Why am I so quick to ignore this wisdom?)

This happens in every facet of my life, including the studio. Sometimes I pick up the guitar and my hands just won’t work. Everything I play sounds off. Sometimes, what I need to do is play through it… swim through the frustration. And then I find myself at the other shore, where things start to click.

Other times, it’s a message from my inner Steve Vai, telling me to back off. “If you overdo it, you might injure yourself.” “Your hearing is not at its best right now, because you’re exhausted.” “Go eat.”

Today I choose to listen.

How about you? What sorts of messages do you receive from your inner Guru; your own higher wisdom? How willing are you to listen? How do you get in touch with this wisdom in your own life? How does getting in touch with it influence your art?



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2 responses to “Listening to my inner Steve Vai

  1. Texas J

    Sometimes when my inner “Stevie Vai” tells me to take it easy, or just wants the day off, I just listen to my inner “Keith Richards”, drink a lot of vodka, smoke a pack of cigarettes, and fall out of a palm tree. I find a drunken fall from a dangerous height shakes away all my distractions and gives me a crisp lucidity that almost nothing can touch. (except for fighting)

  2. Street Fightin’ Man, indeed…

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