Hitting the ‘pause’ button

I worry that I don’t know how to stop thinking about music.

Any spare moment that rolls my way, I find myself wanting to pick it up, run to the candy store and spend it on writing music. When it’s time to sit and relax, music invariably flows. And it almost hurts to know it’s flowing and resist the need to engage with it.

But for sanity’s sake, I do take breaks. Last night was one of them.

What’s your plan, Gentle Reader, for keeping your sanity? What artistic drive is it that pulls you, and how do you step away to regenerate?


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One response to “Hitting the ‘pause’ button

  1. Nacho

    Tim, everytime I check your blog I find an overwhelming number of new posts, and I know well that you have the same problem with your guitar.
    Seriously, you don’t know the meaning of the word “pause”.
    You work more than the tinsmith of Mazinger Z. Oh.. this comparison sounds so funny in Spanish. I hope in English too.

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