Elusive guitar solo; remembering boot camp

New song. Almost done. Need solo.

Did a couple yesterday, when I was very tired. Just laid down ten different tries today. Came up with a cool idea for the first 4 bars. 

Tried just playing along and not hitting “record”. Magic happened. I freaked out, hit the “record” button. The ideas evaporated into thin air.

Time to do dishes. Laundry. Prepare for another week. Time to wrench myself away from chasing down this solo as if it’s a tiger that must be hunted and killed. I can tell I’m in the wrong headspace. I’m looking for the trophy. The ultimate blues solo.

Never get there from here. Better go do some dishes.

How about you? Ever feel frustrated during your creative process? What works for you in moments like these?

PS– Twenty years ago today I was on a plane to Orlando for boot camp. Arrived, got processed in and got my bunk in the middle of the night. Me and 80 of my new best friends. Lights out, finally, around 2am? About 25 minutes later, lights on, and lots of yelling by a (seemingly) very, very angry man.

The beginning of a new day.

I’m sure that in that moment, I probably wondered where I’d be in 20 years. I’m happy to look back across time and reassure that young, terrified kid that life gets better and better.



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2 responses to “Elusive guitar solo; remembering boot camp

  1. Texas J

    Change your strings

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