When one song turns into another

Recently I posted about my brother sending me some lyrics and my interpretation not really working for him. We ended up talking it through, and I had a clearer vision of what he was looking for. Everyone’s happy.

It’s almost like he sent me the words, I knitted a halloween costume (music) to drape over the words, he wanted green instead of orange, so I knitted (or “crocheted”… even “macrame’d” will work perfectly fine for this metaphor) a green one for him.

So now I have this orange knitted halloween costume lying in the corner. I could ignore it forever, if it weren’t really that nice. But if it actually looks pretty good, then I could always come up with a different use for it. I could always write some words of my own to drape this costume over.

My grandma knitted these socks for me. I love my grandma.

That’s what happened today.

And I’m thrilled with the results. This means that we now have 9 songs completed for the new album.

By the way, a new song idea (keyboard) fell into my lap a few days ago while working on something else, and last night I started to pull it together with drums and guitar parts. No lyrics yet, but I’m not worried. There’s no rush. It’s Friday night. The pizza dough is rising. The sauce is melding on the stovetop.

By this summer, we’re going to have one awesome pizza of an album!

How about you, Gentle Reader? Do you ever recycle one writing idea for another context? Do you ever ‘steal’ from your own work? Ever plagiarize yourself?

Ever get really great results?



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4 responses to “When one song turns into another

  1. TIM! I love your blog! 🙂

    I still need to read more, as I basically skimmed through most of it and read heavily through some of it, but what I saw was really great! This will be fun to keep up with. It’s taken me a while, but life has thrown me some loops over this last year. A pretty big and initially (very) daunting one at the start of the year, no less (that I will prefer to tell you about in person some time soon).

    But I hope all is well! Here’s to the New Year and to you and yours, my friend.

    With Love,

  2. Texas J

    Interesting thought. I don’t usually go to the trash bin for new ideas. Maybe it is time I did some dumpster diving. Then again, I have often in the past used the ideas of others and claimed them as my own. A perfect example would be the song “Don’t Mess with My Tu Tu”. I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes a stray.

    Keep it real.

  3. Texas J

    P.S. Those socks look really warm.

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