Looking back

Had a birthday about a week ago, turned 43. (Hey, thanks!)

Makes me ask: Where was I exactly 20 years ago today?

When I was 23, I could ask that question, but it wouldn’t really count. “I was three years old…” I mean, I was alive, but it’s not a level playing field.

Same with being 33. Twenty years earlier, I was still just a kid. In both instances, twenty years was the majority of my life.

Photo by Cheryl Birchard

Now, I can look at the last 20 years and see the decisions I was making as a young adult (who assumed that he understood everything there was to know about life), and those I’m making today (understanding what little about life that I understand).

Looking back feels like an important part of looking forward. And of forgetting both completely and living in the present moment.

How about you, Gentle Reader? Where were you exactly 20 years ago today? What were you doing? Who did you believe you were? What did you believe in? How has that changed over the past two decades? How have you scraped your knees? Who did you love? Who have you lost? Who have you gained? What have you learned?




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2 responses to “Looking back

  1. Nacho

    Well Tim, I don’t know well the answer to all those questions you just asked. However I can tell you without any doubt that the older I get the happier I am. Nowadays I believe nobody should be allowed to have a driving license before 30. And let’s not talk about having a baby.. haha… and well… so many other things, like voting.
    What did I learn? I learnt that immaturity must be hardily repressed.
    Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound cool, specially if the gentle reader is an immature.

    By the way, look at this thing I just found:
    It doesn’t really have much relation with I was talking about, but it’s interesting anyway.

  2. Texas J

    Twenty Years ago I was face down in the gutter, homeless and broke. I traveled everywhere I could hop a train. Got arrested in New Mexico and spent 3 weeks in a local jail for picking peyote on the side of the road. Wrestled bears in Utah just to earn enough money to get out of the freezing rain. I spent a week in Montana wandering the woods, almost eaten by wolves, guess I don’t taste too good. I lived in an alley in New Jersey, and waded through the Everglades to get to Jacksonville, Fla. I never really found what I was looking for, but then again I wasn’t really looking for anything. I guess the last 20 years have been totally pointless, like watching re-runs of the Olympics. I know who wins all the races, and what records will be set, but I just can’t believe how much fashion has changed.

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