Love is space

Takamatsu City, Shikoku, Japan

Today I’m thinking about space. The physical space we write and record in (the studio). The space / landscape we create with our notes, and the importance of the rests. The space we take for ourselves to create, to get quiet, to “reset”.

Space for cream in my coffee.

My friend Jeremy Booth took this

Deva Premal has an album called “Love Is Space” ( title alone hits me in a powerful way. If it’s true, then it captures so many ideas…

What if love IS space? The space I give my partner by withholding judgment? The space I give my child to make mistakes and learn from them? The space I give MYSELF to do the very same thing?

How about you? What does the concept of space mean for you in relation to your music, your love, and your life?



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2 responses to “Love is space

  1. redhat707

    There is an interesting shift that happens when we consider love as the space for relationship to form – namely that we begin to focus on *nurturing the conditions* for the space to form rather than judging what is for adequacy and/or deficiency.

    This focus can allow us to see each new encounter as something ripe with possibility, ripe with discovery that can result in new opportunity for relationship, sharing and interaction to occur. We become explorers and co-creators and what emerges from the space is something that can only be called “Ours” since it was the interaction within the space we nurtured that gives life to it.

    How beautiful to look at our interactions and not even be able to even untangle what was mine and what was yours because it was the blending of these in the space we created together that gave rise to this beauty that is Ours.

  2. Thank you so much for these beautiful insights. You help me to see that oftentimes I feel a subtle sense of tension/stress/resistance when it comes to nurturing the conditions for the space to form. Whether it’s spending time with new friends or meditating, I find myself challenged by the idea of suspending judgment and allowing things to unfold naturally. Judgment arises, and with it the desire to control outcomes appears.

    Your reminder is helpful; the more I cultivate the soil and release attachment, the more open I can be to the surprise of unexpected beauty in my life.


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