Elevated Mood Syndrome

Yeah… I’m laughing for no good reason. And it feels great. Seems to happen every time I ride my bike to work. It’s only 2 miles each way, but it’s enough to get the blood circulating. And when I get home, I feel almost ecstatic.

I find that if I combine this cycling activity with drinking water, and maybe eating healthy food throughout the day, I have a smile on my face all day long.

I truly believe that for best musical results, I need to balance my maniacal need to write/record with healthy diet and exercise. When I get time off, it’s always tempting to squeeze the juice out of every moment by spending every spare moment in the studio. But I know rationally that man cannot live on coffee and Elixir strings alone.

Why am I so resistant to getting out there and taking a hike before recording? How is it that I so easily forget this fantastic high?

What about you? What are some ways that you incorporate healthy living into your creative process? And what benefits have you seen in your life?


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  1. Texas J

    I think that the outcome of any undertaking, especially creative, is either enhanced or tainted by the condition of the person doing said undertaking. There for the condition of the body, mind, and spirit of the person is critical to the outcome. I am a vessel, either pristine, or sun bleached and baked out. Hiking, camping, running in nature creates a peace and clarity which no other action can create. (except for fighting)

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