Logic vs. Ableton Live

Time to upgrade. Six albums (five of my own, one with my wife) recorded on GarageBand… I’m feeling the limitations these days. Upgrade to Ableton Live, or Logic? Looks like it’s going to be Logic.
Since Logic is built on the same engine as GarageBand, the past 4 years will act as good preparation. And since I’m not writing/recording techno, hip hop, electronica, or other beat-focused music, Ableton may not necessarily be the best choice. I’ve been researching, and there are a LOT of folks who argue either way.
What do you think, fellow musician/producers? For rock, blues, and metal, do you recommend Ableton Live, or Logic, and why?


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One response to “Logic vs. Ableton Live

  1. Charlie

    Hi Tim,

    I have Logic if you want to come over and take a look. I like Logic, you can do a lot with it. There are so many options you can customize your sound. For example after you record a clean track you can change the reverb in like 150 different ways. The hardest thing is just knowing when to say “Okay it sounds good” and move onto the next decision. I have had some problem with really big projects with lots of different tracks in different locations. But after I learned how to consolidate and cleanup the projects I did not have problems with it crashing.

    Plan to spend lots of time with Logic. There are so many different loops, effects, etc that come with it you can spend hours and hours just picking-out that perfect drum loop to match your song.

    May you find Peace in your ever-expanding musical capabilities!

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