Help us design our next album cover

Working title: A Place Of My Own

More musical collaborations by Tim and Chris Birchard. Genre: “ukulele love metal”.

Six songs completed so far. We’re kicking around ideas for themes… album cover images… etc.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share, we’re open to suggestions. If your idea makes the cut, we’ll give you credit on the website, with every digital download, and on the actual cd/LP/cassette/8-track/reel-to-reel that gets printed up.

Forthcoming, summer 2011.

Which photo do you like best?



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3 responses to “Help us design our next album cover

  1. Nacho

    8 and 3 catch my eyes.

  2. mandy m

    # 2, #8 and #9. Very cool.

  3. Charlie

    I like the top one.

    There’s a nice juxtaposition between our current love and hate of oil. The photo being an old gas station that is no longer in use also juxtaposes our current inability to drive a few blocks without finding a brand-new gas station. And even though those old gas pumps look like they aren’t worth a penny–I bet they are valuable to the right collector. One could clean em’ up and find a collector eager to add them to their collection.

    Just like your album. When everybody discovers your music we can say I know about that Birchard cd. In fact that’s in my collection would you like to listen to it?

    Best Luck. You Guys Rock,

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