Daily recording schedule… more or less

3am: get up, write down lyrics + chord progressions that won’t leave me alone
4am: back to bed, try to sleep
5am: get back up, write down more detailed notes about new song
5:20am: listen to neighbor leave for work
7:30am: listen to other neighbors have conversation outside bedroom window
8am: get up
8:15 am: coffee
8:20am: into studio, power up
8:30am: create new file, figure out chord progression
8:35am: troubleshoot lack of internet
8:40am: research punk loops (BetaMonkey!)
9am: track guitars
10:30am: hunger pains–eat two bites of chicken enchiladas. more coffee.
10:35am: track guitar solo + harmony
10:55am: track main vocals + harmony vocals
11:30am: eat food (leftover chicken enchiladas and more coffee) + update blog
11:48am: edit drum loops + add cymbal crashes
12:30pm: track bass
1:00pm: mixdown + upload to bandcamp.com
1:30pm: review partially-completed songs; complete as necessary
3:00pm: hunger pains (eat something)
3:15pm: continue completing unfinished songs
5:00pm: collapse
8:00pm: jam and let new ideas flow
11pm: bed


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