Two weeks in…

…and I’ve got six songs in the can, a few more waiting in the wings (in various stages of completion) and the angels of inspiration fly around me every moment. I’m not bathing much, and I’ve only left the house once or twice in the past two weeks, as nearly every waking moment is spent here in the studio.

Kinda disgusting, I know… but man, so rewarding!

Right now, nothing else matters but food, the bathroom, sleep, and recording. Thank the Gods of Sound for blessing me with a partner who understands and encourages me.

I realize this is not necessarily a shining example of balance in life…but then again, maybe it is…

Maybe it’s about finding whatever way I can to write and record my music while serving in this life.

Yeah! I like that!

By the end of the month, this album will be available here:

I hope that your summer includes the expression of your passion and creativity in the way that feels best to you!

Rock on!




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2 responses to “Two weeks in…

  1. Bruce Jackson

    Hey Bro,

    Sounds like you’ve really got the creative juices flowin’ down in ‘ol Durango, and by the title of the forthcoming release I’m guessin’ I am going to really love it.



  2. j gabbard

    My friend, go take a bath! Really, glad to hear you are in the zone!

    Rock on!

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