Tracking for the new album(s)

So the “thirty songs in thirty days” thing may not be holding up, but in place of quantity, the quality of this current round of songwriting is taking me by surprise.

And it’s not necessarily following my direction, either… I spent some 16 1/2 hours on one song a few days ago, and most of the songs are taking anywhere from 6 to 12 hours to complete. At the ‘one week’ mark, I currently have two metal songs (Megadeth meets O.S.I and chats with a couple of the guys in Slayer), a couple of slow, bluesy tunes, and ideas that come at all hours of the day.

Do these songs go side-by-side on one single disk? Does it simply reflect the crazy, eclectic, caffeine-driven recording sessions that run all hours of the day and night, capturing everything from bluesy ballads to crushing metal tunes? OR, is it one disk of metal, and another of softer stuff? I’m not trying to please any record company, so I have the freedom to do what I want. Great. But what about the listener? Is that too daring a contrast to put on one disk? Will it pretty much guarantee that EVERYONE is unhappy with something? I welcome any suggestions the reader might have to offer…

Tracking guitars for upcoming album, "Call It Blue"

Of course, the quality issue may have something to do with finally having top-notch equipment… PRS Custom 24 running through a Mesa Boogie Mark V combo. Any true fan of O.S.I. knows that Jim uses this setup… his CU24 of choice seems to be Whale Blue… I prefer the green… And what a surprise I got when, upon plugging everything in, I realized that it takes more than having Jim’s gear to sound like Jim. Oh well… maybe in 30 years…

I haven’t moved up to Ableton Live yet (the setup that KMo uses… and that’s next on my list)…. I’m still running GarageBand, which is limiting.

But for now, I’m writing and recording music, and that’s the dream.

I hope that today you’re blessed with the ability to live your own dream in some small way. I hope your heart is as drenched in joy as mine is today.


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