Thanks to John Paschall at Main Street Music in Aztec, NM

Best Music Store In The Four Corners Region… And Beyond!

Hey John,
It’s been a month or two since I drove down and bought one of your Mesa Boogie Mark V combo amps. I’ve been so busy jamming, writing and recording that I haven’t taken the time to thank you for the amazing customer service you provided me.

Let me do that right now.

I grew up near Austin, TX and went to college there. (Had the good fortune to be an intern for Austin City Limits in the winter of ’89; shook hands and chatted with Stevie Ray Vaughn.) As a fellow guitar junkie, you’ll understand how I was a regular at just about every single guitar store and pawn shop available, including some that catered to famous blues stars. I was young and naive. After getting burned a few times (like getting paid a ‘generous’ $400 for my 1963 Gibson ES-335 by one of the biggest-name stores in town, when I was 19 –read about it here:, I pretty much came to expect to have to fight tooth and nail just to get what I needed without being taken advantage of. Pretty much everywhere I went, from music stores in Japan to places here in Colorado, it was the same story.

So I was genuinely surprised when I called your shop the second and third times to confirm that you still had the amp I wanted, and you remembered who I was! I drove down on a Friday, cautiously optimistic that I might ACTUALLY get the very same Mesa Boogie Mark V combo I’d tried out a few months earlier, and that you might REALLY have it boxed up for me, like you’d told me on the phone. My jaw dropped when I got there and you were expecting me, and you actually HAD boxed up my brand new amp for me.

My amazement grew as you happily unboxed it, plugged it in, and spent about half an hour just going over different settings for me. I was embarrassed about some of my “dumb questions”, but asked them anyway, and you were gracious and clear in your explanations.

I couldn’t believe it — I was receiving excellent customer service without the sales pitch, and without the condescending “sneer of coolness.”

In the end, you and your team not only provided top-notch service, but you also made me an unbelieveably good deal on the parts/labor for the installation of the “Tremol-no” unit in my PRS Custom 24 and on a boom stand for my mic. I’m extremely happy. My guitar is now set up just the way I like it, and I’m so excited to finally have my “dream guitar and amp” that I’m using every single free moment to write and record.

I have friends in town who have purchased gear from you (drums, etc.) and they shared glowing reviews with me before my visit to your store. Now that I’ve experienced your top-quality service firsthand, I’m sharing the same kinds of glowing reviews with every musician I meet. I’ll continue to send my friends your way, and I’ll definitely be a return customer at your shop. It’s been a long haul, and the search for the ultimate music store has taken me to the other side of the globe and back. But now that I’ve found Main Street Music, in humble little Aztec, NM, I can happily say the search was worth it!

Thanks again, and we’ll see you soon!

Tim Birchard
Durango, Colorado


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