The Switchback Down (3/27/10)

The Switchback Down (Click to play)

Proof that the intention we set sails outward, like ripples in a pond… the hope of owning a Custom 24 is turning from dream into reality. Plugging into a Mesa Boogie Mark V follows not far behind.

In the meantime, my brother has sent another set of lyrics… The Switchback Down. For the past four days I’ve been hearing the chorus in my head (in my sleep, as I wake, at the copy machine at work…) and today I finally nailed down some music. The djembe tracks (live) finally gave me some relief. Not sure if this will be included on Trip To Pine or not… We’ll see what Chris thinks…

I hope you’re chasing your dream. I hope you’re recording your music. I hope you’re gnashing your teeth and drooling and slinging sweat as you try your hardest to capture the vision that you hear in your Inner Ear. And I hope as you approach the music from behind (sneaking up on it as best you can) that you feel the sense of freedom and joy that sends you flying… makes people wonder what your secret is. I wish you the deepest joy and the height of screaming laughter as you express your inner light, joy and magic. The magic that makes you You. Peace!


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