Heavy Weather

Heavy Weather 2mp3 (click here to play)

Started with the Korg. Added vocals, and then guitar. Then harmony vocals.

This is another example of approaching songwriting as play in order to get results I’m proud of. I had the house to myself for six hours, so I was looking forward to writing/recording something new. But when I sat down, I realized I felt turned off by the idea of doing music. I felt tired and not up to the focus that the process demands. I got up and walked away a couple of times before I decided to forego the idea of “writing something good” and simply relax and jam and have fun. Of course, once I took that approach, good things started to happen and I found myself hitting the ‘record’ button to capture the joy.

The music came first. Then I found a sheet of paper with lyrics that I’d written earlier this week, out of the blue. I hadn’t known what to do with them at the time, so they were just lying there on the edge of the Korg. Once I spotted them, I realized they would be perfect for this song.

Thanks for checking it out!



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